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Laundry Pickup and Delivery

Family, Work, Play, Rest? 
You Have Better Things To Do Than Laundry.
We Are Here To Serve You
Get $10 Off your First Order
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FIRST10" At Checkout
(20lb minimum order)
Mother reading to her child thanks to free the time she has gained from using laundry service

At Lavado, we take pride in being able to serve our customers with the highest quality cleaning care. Having families ourselves, we know how precious time can be. As a family owned business, we want to provide a laundry pick up service that delivered high quality, value and time savings to customers like you.

Why Use Our
Laundry Service?
How It Works
1. Log In​

Log in or create your free account. 


2. Customize

Select your order and specify your
preferences in the notes section. 

3. The Rest Is On Us​

We will pick up your laundry within your selected window, wash, dry, fold and pack them neatly to be returned to you the very next day.

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